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Browning Field

John T. Browning was born on June 11th, 1830 in Genesee Country, New York. John moved to the village of Moline in 1858 as a lawyer and practiced law until his death in 1910. Mr. Browning served as the City Attorney of Moline and was the leader in writing the new ordinances, as Moline became a city. He also served two-terms as a state representative from our district and was a leader in helping to write many pieces of legislation.

During his last illness in 1910, Mr. Browning planned on having a large granite monument built to honor his memory, but Dr. A.M. Beal, who was the President of the Board of Education, suggested that Mr Browning turn his large pasture into a much needed athletic field. Moline High School football teams were playing at Riverside Park with no stands and little room. Mr. Browning agreed and added a codicil to his will, which gave the field to the City of Moline.

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